MMD / Matt Murphy Design has its collective footing in the worlds of art, fashion, design, commerce, and entertainment, providing the studio with informed inspiration from an eclectic mix of knowledge to produce inventive design solutions for its diverse client base.

Integrated Branding & Marketing

MMD has a passion and time-tested skill helping clients connect with their audiences.  We’ve built a 20 year body of work by telling many stories, using many channels, and many methods; always with a focus on connecting brands to their audiences, and catalyzing measured response.


MMD relies on a multi-layered process when creating an identity. Beginning with in-depth client input, market research, and comprehensive competitive analysis – and informed by an intuitive understanding of visual communications. With an intimate understanding of the worlds of art, fashion, design, and commerce, MMD has created a specialty in developing results-driven creative solutions for a diverse client list.

Experience Design & Marketing

Deep engagement between brands and institutions, and their audiences—the kind that yields long-term loyalty and engagement—is built by communicating through multiple touch points.  From intimate to international, MMD excels at creating immersive and impactful events, allowing communication with audiences on a whole new level.

Product & Accessory Design

MMD represents over 20 years of experience in product design; beginning with Matt Murphy’s own award-winning product designs, it has now evolved as a consultancy to clients from the worlds of fashion, housewares, food, technology, and beauty.

Interior & Hospitality Design

MMD believes in an immersive brand experience.  Creating the environments that a brand will inhabit is essential to its success.  From hospitality, to residential, and retail, MMD focuses on the function and form of each space—taking into account both the business and human perspective.