Le Citizen Hotel



Le Citizen Hotel is a 12-room boutique hotel on the historical Canal St. Martin, a bohemian area with restaurants and galleries flanking the picturesque canal. Spacious, airy rooms open up to the water and offer a smart, lively place to stay in Paris. The owners wanted a clean, modern identity system to complement modular interiors created by Christophe Delcort and appeal to the area’s art-loving visitors. Situated in Paris’ 10th, and included as one of Fodors top 100 hotels, Le Citizen Hotel is the brainchild of Sophie Berdah. Pleased with the identity work MMD had done for Creative Growth’s Paris gallery, she hired MMD to create the identity and creative direction for her new hotel.  The hotel features Creative Growth artists’ original artworks including Dan Miller, Dwight Mackintosh,  Donald Mitchell,  William Scott. MMD designed a suite of print and digital collateral, as well as the property’s signage and environmental graphics.  iPads are included in the rooms featuring branded lock screens, and act as the guest’s portal for local activities on the hotel’s blog, room service, concierge, and billing.  See more here.