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Peanuts - Rock the Vote


MMD is currently in the process of developing designs and working along side vendors to produce another successful pop up shop for Comic Con in San Diego. In collaboration with Rock the Vote, a presidential themed shop will open for 4 days welcoming visitors to come and see all their favorites from the Peanuts gang. A large cutout structure, made to resemble a large campaign pin button, will be a focal point of the shop. Visitors will be encouraged to take photos within the pin and post on social media using the hashtag #PeanutsRocktheVote. Visitors will also have the opportunity to join the Peanuts Gang and be a part of the “Advisory Committee” exclusive to the 4 day pop up shop. Stickers will be available for guests to write their names on and add to the wall of committee names.

client : PEANUTS

project : rock the vote - comic con / san diego, ca


For Rock the Vote MMD built a presidential themed shop which welcomed visitors to see and vote for their favorite Peanuts Candidates. Visitors took selfies and photos to flood social media and also had the opportunity to join the Peanuts Gang and be a part of the “Advisory Committee”, which was exclusive to the 4 day pop up shop. Guests were able to leave their personal mark by writing their names on stickers and placing them on a wall in the store, and participating in a nation wide vote for the member of the Peanuts Gang they hoped to win the presidential race.  Over 2400 visitors attended the shop over its 4 day run.